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Dial *645*86# enter your m-asca pin, choose enquiries.

Check balances and statements of all savings and temporary accounts

Under this Module one can:

  • Change Pin

  • Configure Bank Account details

  • Change Next of Kin Details

  • Close Account


 Under savings a member will be able to save to:

  1. Loan savings account
  2. The temporary savings account.
  3. School fees account
  4. Savings account



Members directly save

1. From their m-pesa account by entering the safaricom service pin and

2.  From their equitel account by entering their equitel pin

Used to withdraw money from the temporary account to the m-pesa account

Dial *645*86# and enter your m-asca pin, under the send to m-pesa sub menu enter the amount and submit. You will receive an SMS notification from M-ASCA of the money sent to your M-pesa account.

  • Once funds are in the m-pesa account the normal withdrawal or transfer applications under the m-pesa platform will apply.

There are five types of loans

  1. Ordinary loan- three times savings at 1% with guarantors. Maximum repayment period is 36 months
  2. Temporary loan – 2/3 of savings with or without guarantors. Interest is 1%. Maximum repayment period is 12 months
  3. Instant loan – not more than half savings and not more than 10,000. Interest 5% payable in a month. Must be in a group
  4. Chama loans -three times savings. Must be in a group. Interest 2.5%. Maximum repayment period is two years.
  5. Group loan - for the group itself. Three times savings, interest 2.5% , maximum reayment period two years