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Key Features

  • Accumulate savings anytime via Equitel or Safaricom
  • Low interest as low as 1% per month
  • Ideal for people in the informal sector with irregular income
  • Access to equity agent and m-pesa outlets even after official working hours
  • Savings as low as Ksh 50/-
  • Choice of guarantors from anywhere in the country leveraging on existing friends, relatives or colleagues
  • Real time transactions and loans
  • No recovery of personal items from homes
  • No mandatory guaranteeing of people one does not trust
  • Signatories cannot take a loan on behalf of group members without their consent
  • Purely virtual so no meetings, fines or absenteeism
  • Ample time to give attention to businesses

Loan Types

  1. Ordinary loan
  2. Emergency Loan
  3. Chama Loan
  4. Group Loan
  5. Instant Loan